1. What does WestWise Recruitment specialise in?
Pick Packers, Storemen, Forklift Operators, Production Workers, Tradespeople, Administrative Staff, Customer Service/Call Centre Representatives, Sales Representatives.


2. What services does WestWise provide?
Casual Labour Hire, Temporary to Permanent Placement, Contract Fulfillment, Permanent Placements, Training Services and Pre–employment Screening Services.


3. What does the hourly rate include?
Employees pay rate based under the relevant Modern Award, Payroll Tax, Superannuation, Workers Compensation Insurance and administration costs.


4. How are Permanent Placement fees calculated?
On the candidate’s pro rata salary


5. Is there a guarantee period for permanent placements?
Yes. 2-3 months.


6. Are your fees tax deductible?


7. When can I expect a response after an order is placed?
For urgent orders a response will be given within 20 minutes.


8. What if I want to employ a WestWise assignee as my own?
After a 60 working day period there is no extra fee payable to WestWise. Prior to this period a pro rata fee will be charged.


9. Are all your assignees reference checked?
A minimum of 2 reference checks are conducted before we place anyone out on assignment. Reference checks can be supplied when requested.


10. How can you guarantee the quality of your assignees?
There is no guarantee when there is a human element involved however, we have quality control measures in place which do secure a higher success rate.


11. What happens if a casual injures themselves on site whilst on assignment?
An investigation report will be completed on site or telephonically depending on the severity of the injury or to meet Clients’ needs. If time off is required the OHS Coordinator will facilitate in the return to work of assignee. Of course all medical costs and claims will be covered by WestWise.


12. Are all your assignees OHS inducted before commencement?
Yes EVERY assignee is OHS inducted.


13. Can I contact WestWise after hours?
Absolutely! We are a 24 hour service.


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