WestWise Recruitment are the local experts in labour hire provision, providing a quick, thorough and efficient service. We appreciate the urgency in many client requirements and work proactively to enable provision of labour at short notice, if need be. WestWise can partner with your business to provide strong, ongoing support for your flexible workforce requirements.partner

WestWise is always seeking applications from reliable job seekers, who fit our criteria including having fantastic work ethics and commitment to safe work practices and availability.


WestWise recognises that on many occasions, clients will seek to place a temporary candidate in a position, with the view that the candidate becomes part of their business for the long term. Westwise works closely with both clients and candidates to ensure the right job and company fit, and if things work well, WestWise allows candidates to move into the employment of the client, after sixty (60) working days, at no extra cost to the client.


Clients needing permanent placements can rely on WestWise to produce outstanding results. WestWise works with clients to quickly understand the recruitment needs and position requirements, and will undertake a strict and thorough screening process to ensure that only the most closely suited candidates are put forward for placement. WestWise’s reasonable fees in this area can reflect huge resource and cost savings for the client.


Many clients wish to undertake their recruitment processes internally. This is fantastic, however, even larger organisations often find the shortlisting process the most time consuming and frustrating. By outsourcing this initial screening process to WestWise, clients can find their recruitment process progresses in a much more time efficient and resource effective manner.


WestWise can provide onsite or pre-employment drug and alcohol testing services to clients. Our fully trained and experienced drug and alcohol testers are employed directly by us, using fully certified and compliant equipment and processes which meet AS 4760-2006 and AS/NZ 4308:2008 requirements.

Drug and alcohol testing can be carried out under the following circumstances:

·     Pre-employment (as part of the recruitment process)

·     Random

·     Cause testing (if behaviour suggests a person may be under the influence)

·     Post incident testing

Eliminating the risk of employees and contractors being under the influence of drugs and alcohol in the workplace provides a safer workplace and a positive workplace culture.


WestWise has a professional consultancy service available, offering expertise in the areas of;

·     Human Resources

·     Work Health and Safety

·     Workers compensation claims management

·     Incident investigation and reporting

·     Workplace investigations in relation to disciplinary matters / allegations

Our highly experienced and appropriately qualified consultants can offer practical and realistic solutions for your workplace, aimed at fitting in with your organisational culture and resources rather than a generic, impersonal response.

Our consultancy and outsourcing services can provide small to medium businesses with huge benefits for minimal outlay. Whether it be outsourcing your monthly toolbox talks, or requiring a completely new work health and safety management system, we can assist. 


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